Got a question? Not sure what you want? Or have you already received an offer, but it’s not transparent?

After a comprehensive market analysis, your ideas and concepts will be tailored to the maximum performance of the programming, so that the final design structure does not leave you feeling inadequate. Commitment only begins for you once you have a specification, the actual development plan, timelines, and price quote finalized by both parties and put on the table.

You get premium service, and your customers get a frontline presence.

Our many years of experience, building on our sales – development – marketing – seo – content segments, create the perfect mix to provide the right support to build your brand.

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24-hour site monitoring

We’ll let you know on a monthly basis, backed up by reports, how your site has performed, what caused it to fail, how we resolved it and what should be done to prevent similar problems in the future.

Our current work

project 1

Upgrading a retail web shop built on WordPress, rewriting plugins, rewriting the operating principles, expanding the feature list, writing custom plugins and basic speed-ups, as well as operations and maintenance.

project 6

Re-architecting the internal infrastructure of a commercial company with over 45 employees, virus removal, troubleshooting, program installation and acceleration of daily processes, system training and ongoing support.

project 2

Designing network workflows for a multi-million-dollar wholesale company from the ground up, API connections, instant database synchronization, active web shop and all associated web design creation, operation, and maintenance.

Leave the solution to us!

If you’re tired of agencies that charge upfront for projects and development teams that promise a lot but deliver little, then get a quote and let us help you… because Flowster is here to help you close a joint project with a happy customer after careful planning… Leave the solution to us!

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